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13th Writing Camp

We had a lot of kids of a wide range of ages!

We worked on plot structure, descriptive language, and narrative writing.

We also had a fun holiday card-making contest

12th Writing Camp (Special)!

This camp was a Poetry Writing Workshop, held at the Hillsboro Public Library as an official program!

We studied poetry tools, read poems aloud and discussed them, and gave the kids time to write and share their own poems.

Disclaimer: Those whose permission we have not received to publish photos of on our website, we have blurred out the faces of.

11th Writing Camp!

At this camp, we focused on the topic of translation.

The kids found similarities and differences between the English and Korean version of the same poem, translated a short story from Korean to English, and looked at more translated poetry.

10th Writing Camp!

The theme of this camp was biographies and autobiographies!

The kids read and discussed "Who Was?" biographies of famous historical figures, then wrote their own autobiographies!

9th Writing Camp!

In our 9th writing camp, we taught the kids about writing their own poetry and graphic novels!

The kids got to read and analyze famous poems before writing their own. Then, they wrote their own graphic novels!