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Prompt: Write about a food from your culture!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our September-October 2022 writing contest. We loved all of your entries so much; you are all such talented writers! All entries, including the winners, can be viewed under the "works" tab of this website. Below, you can view the winners of each age group division, and click on the title of each piece to view it.


(Grades 1-5)

1st Place

Kate Lee

"My Soul Food, Seolleongtang"

Your writing is incredibly poetic, and we loved how you were able to tie this dish into something so introspective!

2nd Place

Evelyn Won

"Happy Feelings With Rice"

You expressed the beauty of rice in the most perfect way imaginable!

3rd Place

Kate Ko

"Kimchi Jjigae"

We could feel your passion through your words, and we learned a lot!


(Grades 6-8)

1st Place

Smrithi Chary

"Unique Dish from North India"

Your piece was heartfelt, and we loved your descriptions.

2nd Place

Elie Choe

"Bibimbap: The Power of Variety and Harmony"


We loved how you connected the dish to real-world ideas!


(Grades 9-12)

1st Place

Simra Jahin


Your piece is eloquent and beautifully written. You captured a very subtle emotion that's hard to convey, and you caught if perfectly.

2nd Place

Olga Ponce

"Thanks Grandma, For Tamales"

We loved how genuine your story is. Your sentences sound like song lyrics!

PS: We loved the line "I'm a Christmas eve baby so I eat tamales on my birthday"

3rd Place

Upasya Swarna

"My Worst Enemy... Is Me"

Your piece is very funny and relatable. It's structured very well, and we were totally invested in the story from beginning to end!

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