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All About Greek Youvarlakia

By Nasos Karanikas

Age Group: Elementary School

Hello World!

My name is Nasos and I wrote this essay... paragraph... thingy to talk about a food from my culture, "Greek Meatball Soup", also Known as "Youvarlakia!" First of all, my culture is Greek and you pronounce my food like this: (yood-vah-lah-kyah). You spell it like this in Greek, "Γιουβαρλάκια." So now you can say it right! Well... I hope
you can... anyways!

I chose Youvarlakia of all the Greek foods because its such a scrumptious thing to eat! (Well... that’s my opinion, but you might think otherwise). To stir up this delicious soup, you’ll need a whole load of ingredients, but you’ll mostly need beef, egg-lemon sauce (don’t ask me what that is), and rice. Some ingredients you’ll use not so much of are olive oil and dill. (Wait, what is dill?)


This tasty meal reminds me of my Grandmother because she makes the literal world's best Youvarlakia! Ok, maybe I was exaggerating, but it's still really good. This food was meant to be a dinner, but people have eaten it for breakfast or lunch. How, you might ask? I don’t know. It also reminds me of my culture because... well... this is a food from my culture. Anyways, since this dinner is so appetizing, I eat this food a lot, like really a lot. Like... ok, I think you get the idea. Also, some people put tomato sauce on it and apparently it tastes even better than before. How do people come up with these things? I don’t know. Speaking of add-ins to Youvarlakia, some people also add basil, extra dill and even onions? I feel like onions would ruin it, but that’s just my opinion.


Let’s move on, and our new topic is the taste because I should have talked about it earlier! In my opinion, the food tastes like juicy meatballs and the juicy stuff tastes like chicken soup without the chicken. I know it doesn’t sound good (it really doesn't), but boy, does it taste good! I’m really proud I get to eat Youvarlakia because it pretty much means I’m Greek and the Greeks invented so many things! It takes about an hour to make this mouthwatering meal, so if you make it, you will be waiting a while! So basically, it takes a long time to make, its good (really good), people do weird things with it and its Greek. And so am I! Bye! The end? I thought I already fixed this. Oh. Bye, World!

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