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My Best Friends

By Evelyn Won

Age Group: Elementary School

        I have a chin-gu (friend) named Julinar and she is my very first friend.
On the first day of yoo-chi-won (Kindergarten), I read her ee-reum-pyo
(name tag) in recess. I sounded out "J-U-L-I-N-A-R", and she said "Yes,
that's my name!" I decided to mal-hae (talk) to her. It wasn't easy to talk to
a new friend but she looked nice and I somehow felt brave enough to ask,
"Do you want to be my chin-gu (friend)?" And she said, “Sure!” From then
on, we did many things together. We played, we drew, we sat next to each
other, and had jumshim (lunch) together. We became best chin-gu (friends)
and I felt very happy and proud.
        I am also friends with Breony. On the first day of 1st grade, I was a
little moo-suh-wuh (afraid) of being in a new ban (class) and with new kids
and a new sun-sang-nim (teacher). I just sat uncomfortably and looked
around. ‘What if ah-moo-do (nobody) wants to play with me? What if kids
laugh at me? What if.....’ I was worried.
        Just then, a girl from the next chack-sang (table) came up to me and
said, "Hi! Do you want to be chin-gu (friends)?" "Of course!", I said. I felt a
lot better. We played together in every recess. Geum-bang (Soon) we
became best friends.

        One day, I went out and saw...BREONY, right in front of my jip
(house)! “What are you doing yuh-gi (here)?” I was so no-la (surprised)! “I
live right over juh-gi (there)!” Breony pointed to a house that was so close
to mine. We were ee-woot (neighbors)! We live on the same do-ro (street).
Now after hak-gyo (school), we have playdates almost every day.

I also have a chin-gu (friend) named Minori. She told me how to
mal-hae (speak) some Japanese. One day in recess, she came to me and
asked, “Do you want to learn Japanese?” I said, “Sure! And I can teach you

        “Anyoung means hi in han-gook-mal (Korean).”
        “Oh! Konnichiwa means hi in Japanese.”
        “ (what)?” I asked.
        “Konnichiwa.”, she said.
        “K-o-n-n-i-c-h-i-w-a, konnichiwa! I got it! And Anyounghaseyo means
hi but to uh-reun (elders).”
        “Okay! I'm having jae-mi (fun)!,” said Minori.
        “Na-do (Me too)!” I said.
        Learning another language was fun and we bba-li (quickly) became friends.
        Julinar, Breony, and Minori are all my best chin-gu (friends). I like
having best friends. Julinar is chak-hae (kind), helpful, and she makes me
laugh. She's a-jik-do (still) friends with me. Breony is funny, energetic,
smart, and she is nice. Minori is friendly, funny, and she sits with me at
jumsim (lunch) hang-sang (all the time).
        They are all my best friends and it’s so good to have friends. They
never fight about who is more chin-hae (closer) to me. We all make each
other happy. I think that’s called woo-jung (friendship).

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