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Hi my name is Isabella

By Christóbal Mozingo Goodwin

Age Group: Elementary School

Hi my name is Isabella. My best friend is named Eliana. She is Korean, in her words, she is my
chingu. Here’s how we met: One day, my mom took me to her friend’s house. It was so boring
until I found a new chingu.
I was so happy and we have been best chingus ever since we met. It’s been six years since we
met. Now days we play together. The best thing we have done in our six years together is help
each other learn things. We learned to swim in a pool and we learned to play the recorder as a
pair. One of my best memories in our six-year friendship is joking with my chingu’s older sister.
Okay, I forgot there is one more thing, we are doing together, growing and laughing...a lot!

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