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Kimbap, My Favorite Korean Food

By Jaydon Won

Age Group: Elementary School

Kimbab is my favorite food from the Korean culture. It is yummy, gives me happy memories especially from Korea, looks pretty, and it is healthy and easy to eat.

I like the smooth texture from dried seaweed, plain taste but chewy texture of rice, crunchy sound from carrots and sweet pickled radish, and delicious taste from the other vegetables. All together, they make up a good combination of tastes and textures in your mouth which I like about every slices of Kimbap.

Also, whenever I eat Kimbab, it reminds me of many happy memories. My grandmother would often prepare Kimbab for lunch when my mom, my sister and I go to Lotte World when we were visiting Korea. We would enjoy many different rides together and when we start to get hungry, we would eat Kimbab and continue have fun there. Or when my grandparents and we would go to Olympic park, we would enjoy Kimbab for lunch watching kids play on the grass and feeling the warm and fresh breeze around us. She also made Kimbap for my school lunches when she was visiting us over the summer.

I like how the Kimbab looks too. Kimbab is pretty to look at because all the ingredients are in layers. When you slice it, it is round and colorful. Also it is simple to eat because it is small enough to fit in your mouth and you don’t even really need utensils because you can easily pick it up with your two fingers.

Kimbab is also very healthy. It is made of a variety of vegetables like carrots, which have lots of vitamin A and are good for your eyes. Spinach, which has protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals which helps your skin, hair, and bone health. Meats are rich in protein which is especially good for your muscle and bones. Kimbab also has rice full of carbohydrates which provides energy. And dried seaweed which is also full of minerals and vitamins. Think
about how healthy Kimbab is!

Kimbab is very yummy, easy to eat, looks pretty, and also good for your health. It also brings you lots of good memories. It is definitely one of my favorite food I really enjoy.

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