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By Eric Han

Age Group: Elementary School

The deep heart(마음) of friendship(우정)
has the power(힘) to light up other peoples’ courage(용기).
Friendship can be more precious(소중한, 귀중한)
than anything else in your life.
Friendship begins with a little seed(씨앗),
but as you get to know your friends better,
that seed grows into something much greater.
Friendship is not about one’s races(인종).
It is about showing kindness(친절) to everyone.
Your friendships don’t end even if you have to
leave your friends or move to another state or country.
Those challenging days may be difficult to handle but they will
pass in a few days. Friendship is a ship of love(사랑)
that reaches out to those who are sad(슬픔) or discouraged(실망).
Less friendship is less ship of love, less love to share(나눔).
Friendship is always a small or giant piece of the soul (영혼) in you.

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