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The Scrumptious Indian Dessert

By Saharsh Chary

Age Group: Middle School

Gulab Jamun is my favorite Indian dessert because it comes with a sugary syrup and is so

My grandma rolls the dough and puts it in the oil until it turns golden brown and puts it in
sugar syrup. The sugar syrup is made of water, sugar, cardamom, and saffron which are
exotic spices from the east. The balls are made of skimmed milk, cashew, all-purpose flour,
baking soda, and cardamom. Then they pour the sugary syrup onto the balls. My grandma
makes the best Gulab Jamun that I have ever tasted. It’s unique because my grandma makes
it for me. Whenever I see Gulab Jamun It makes my mouth water. When I eat Gulab Jamun
it reminds me of my grandma. It smells of sweet and sugary syrup with balls. Gulab Jamun
is a scrumptious dessert from the east. That's why I like Gulab Jamun.

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