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My New Friend Max

By Jaydon Won

Age Group: Elementary School

         Sam’s family moved this yeo-reum (summer). This year he will go to
fifth grade. Because his family moved, now he has to go to a different
school with different sa-ram (people). He had so many chin-goo (friends),
but now he will have none. Sam said bye to all his chin-goo (friends). Sam
was sad and also nervous to go to a new school with no one he knew. Sam
felt so stressed he couldn’t sleep until 12 o’clock the night before.
         He woke up. Uh-oh! It was 8:20. He overslept. Hak-gyo (School)
started at 8:30. It was the first day of fifth grade at the new school and now
he will be late. He didn’t know why this happened, but every first day of a
new school year, he was late. He ran out of chim-dae (bed), changed
clothes, brushed his teeth, stuffed two pieces of bread in his mouth and
hopped on his bike, and rode to school as quickly as a cheetah. It was
8:30. He ran up a random gae-dan (staircase). ‘Not this one.’ He looked
around and ran to a next gae-dan (staircase) like a busy bee. He quickly
found his gyo-shil (class). He bursted through the door. Everyone stared. It
was 8:30 and 59 seconds. “I’m not late!” he said to the sun-sang-nim
(teacher). “It’s not 8:31 yet. I’m finally not late on the first day of a new
school year!” It felt like a good start.
         He found a seat. Sam was thinking if he should ask some kids in his
class to be his chin-goo (friends). But he was a little worried if the kids said
no. ‘It’s worth trying’, he thought. “Do you want to be my chin-goo (friend)?”
Sam asked. “Sure!” Said the kid next to him. “I was looking for a friend too.
My name is Max. Let’s play together during recess.”
         Sam was happy that he made a friend. For the last few days, he
worried about going to a new school. He was never able to make a new

friend this early. He was happy that he was yong-gam (brave) enough to
move forward and make a friend. Max seemed like a nice kid.
         “Okay, it's recess,” said the teacher. Everyone ran out to recess like a
sprinter. Max asked, “What should we play?” “Let's play tag. I used to play
it at my old school with my chin-goos (friends),” I said. “Actually, tag is
banned this week because they are fixing the floor on the playground. Let’s
play hide and seek instead.”
         They played hide and seek for the whole recess. Then it was
jum-shim (lunch). Sam sat next to Max at lunch. He talked and talked. He
was a very good friend to talk with. They chatted for the entire lunch. Sam
forgot that lunch was only 20 minutes long. The lunch teacher announced,
“Lunch is over! Please go to your jool (line).”
         “Oh no!” said Max. “We forgot to eat!” Sam and his friend stuffed all
the mac and cheese in their mouths, chugged all the milk in one second,
and swallowed the big sa-gwa (apple) whole. Everyone stared and
laughed. The teacher frowned.
         After a few hours, hak-gyo (school) was over. Max said, “Sam, do you
want to play after school?” “Sure. I’ll ask my um-ma (mom).”
         “How was school?” asked his parents. “It was great,” said Sam. He
told everything. “I’m glad you made a friend. And sure, you can go out and
play with Max.” said his parents.
         Day after day, Sam made new friends. Eventually, he made as many
friends as he had in his old dong-nae (town). It was a great school year for
Sam. He wasn’t worried about his new school anymore. Max was still
Sam’s best chin-goo (friend).

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